services & rates

dog training 

Behaviour Modification - In Person: $200 per up to 2 hour session/via Skype or FaceTime: $100 per up to 1 hour session

These private lessons target specific behavioural issues and are tailored to your dog and circumstances to ensure real world success. In person lessons take place wherever the problem behaviour occurs - commonly in the home, on a walk, or in a dog park. Includes a comprehensive training guide.

Littermate to Leader - How to live with your dog: $400

Most dog owners are struggling with the basics - how to achieve calm in the house, and how to have an uneventful walk in the neighbourhood. In this two day series we will cover interior work and leash walking in separate 90 minute sessions, with a follow up 60 minute session to use at your discretion within one month.

Session one occurs in your home where we will tackle common issues such as window/door barking, greeting guests, destructive behaviour, feeding time, and following owners room to room. Session two will start in your home where we will address excitement at the front door, leash reactivity and socialization during the walk, and returning home to the protocols covered in session one. The location of the follow up session will be dependant on your dog’s progress.

Five Day Intensive: $700

In this program your dog will meet with a trainer for one hour, once per day for three consecutive days. The owner will attend the fourth and fifth lesson to see what your dog has learned and how to maintain it at home. Skills covered include basic obedience commands and general manners and impulse control in the real world. Our 90 day home training manual is included. 

Board and Train: $2000/2 weeks

This is a comprehensive training program in which your dog will live with a professional trainer for a minimum of two weeks. During this time he will be immersed in a daily training schedule and will have around the clock accountability and feedback about his behaviour and state of mind. This program is designed to prevent, eliminate, or significantly reduce problem behaviours such as anxiety, aggression, or just bad manners! In addition to basic obedience, your dog will be introduced to structure, boundaries, and a calm state of mind for a complete lifestyle overhaul that will ensure lasting harmony in the home once dog and owner are reunited. Includes three private lessons with the owner, and a training manual for the first 90 days at home after the program. 

$500 for each additional week.


home & pet care: $60/day

This service is available to past training clients only.

Our in-home dog sitting service gives you peace of mind by caring for your dogs (and other pets) in the comfort of their home or ours, keeping as close to their every day routines as possible, including feeding schedule, walks, administering medications, and snuggle time.

Housesitters will take care of household chores as well, such as mail collection, watering plants, and garbage duties. Angie is Canine First Aid certified, so in the rare event of an emergency your dog is in caring and capable hands. 

Basic manners and social skills are taught and reinforced during boarding, so you will return to a well behaved, stress free pooch!

Weekly rates available. 


personalized wedding day dog care: Starting at $250


Say “I do” with your bestie by your side ♥

Personalized services, including:

- Rehearsal

- Pet taxi to and from groomer

- Pet taxi to and from venue

- 10 minute walk before ceremony

- Brushing and dressing before ceremony

- Walk down aisle

- Photo shoot assistance

- Food and water breaks

- Reception

- Pet taxi to your home or ours for an overnight stay