about us

JebelDog is located in Victoria, BC, Canada on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish First Nation.

 We are made up of a small group of passionate individuals who strive to bridge the communication gap between dogs and people by building on structure, respect, and play. We are balanced trainers, using both correction and reward to shape calm, balanced dogs.

We believe in our methods, in ourselves, and in you! We live for getting out and sharing our passion and experience with people and their pet dogs. We can’t wait to meet you!

Jebel, Angie, and Oakley

Jebel, Angie, and Oakley

Angie Shields

Owner, Certified Master Trainer

Angie has been training dogs since 2005 and has followed her passion all over the globe! From Police Service K9s in the Middle East and the Arctic Circle to the strays of Iraq and Chernobyl, and companion dogs just like yours, Angie has a wealth of experience to offer. She is dedicated to continuing education and has studied under and worked alongside some of the best in the industry.

Angie is a gracious student of her beloved rescues: Oakley, a 12 year old rottweiler mix, Gemma, a 3 year old saluki mix, and a Jebel, a 7 year old saluki mix. Jebel (Arabic for mountain) brought his name back from his home city where street dogs are affectionately called "jebel dogs". This pack of three enjoy Victoria's mini-mountains with their many dog friends in town. 



After more than ten years experience training every imaginable type of dog, from family pets, to wolf dogs, to feral street dogs, to high caliber working K9s, one consistent truth has remained. A dog’s behaviour, wanted or unwanted, is a direct manifestation/symptom of his state of mind.

The state of mind is cultivated by the dog’s environment, and more specifically, what we teach him about that environment simply by the way we interact with him, consciously or unconsciously, day to day, moment to moment.

This is not just another obedience program. It is a paradigm shift in how humans and dogs exist together. It won’t work if you don’t make the shift.
— Angie Shields, Owner, Certified Master Trainer


Using nature as a guide, we take a balanced approach to training, meaning that we use all four quadrants of operant conditioning, rather than just one or two. This means there is a fair and timely reward for wanted behaviour, and a fair and timely correction for unwanted behaviour. As in nature, rewards and corrections are neutral/non-emotional - never overly excited nor punishing, but rather, balanced in energy and tone. Simply, information to the dog about his behaviour and environment. 

We use an array of tools to deliver as much information possible to the dog so he can make informed decisions. Training tools include food, clickers, toys, affection, play, e-collars, prong collars, slip leads, energy, and movement.

PLEASE ENSURE you feel comfortable with our training methods and ALL tools before contacting us for training services. We are always happy to explain why we believe this is the best approach to pet dog training.