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Jebeldog is made up of a small group of passionate individuals who strive to bridge the communication gap between dogs and people by building on structure, respect, and play. We are balanced trainers, using both correction and reward to shape calm, balanced dogs.

We believe in our methods, in ourselves, and in you! We live for getting out and sharing our passion and experience with people and their pet dogs. We can’t wait to meet you!

 Jebel, Angie, and Oakley

Jebel, Angie, and Oakley

Angie Shields

Owner, Certified Master Trainer
Dogsafe Authorized Instructor

Angie has been training dogs since 2005 and has followed her passion all over the globe! From Police Service K9s in the Middle East and the Arctic Circle to companion dogs just like yours, Angie has a wealth of experience to offer. She has studied under some of the best in the industry, including world renowned trainers Jeff Gellman ( and Sean O'Shea ( 

Angie is apprentice to her beloved rescues: Oakley, a 10 year old rottweiler mix, Gemma, a 1 year old saluki mix, and a Jebel, a 5 year old saluki mix. Jebel (Arabic for mountain) brought his name back from his home city where street dogs are affectionately called "jebel dogs". This pack of three enjoy Victoria's mini-mountains with their many dog friends in town. 



services & rates


wilderness pack hike $30

Our training philosophy is to mimic nature everywhere possible – a “pack migration” is the most natural form of socialization and mental and physical exercise for your dog. Unlike the crash your dog experiences after a day at doggy daycare, a two hour obedience reinforced pack hike in the woods will leave even the most high strung hooligan feeling confident, fulfilled, and calm long after the end of the hike. Pick up and drop off is included.

This service is ideal for those who are unable to give their dog sufficient exercise due to injury, long work hours, a new baby in the home, or even fear of on-leash antics! It is a great way to boost confidence in dogs with a range of socialization issues.

Let us make your dog's day! 

dog training 

Private Lessons are tailored to your dog and your circumstances to ensure real world success. Your dog will meet with Angie for one hour, once per day for five days. On the fifth day you will attend the lesson to see what your dog has learned and how to maintain it at home. $500 for 5 lessons. 

We are rescue advocates! First lesson is FREE for rescue dogs.

Board and Train is a comprehensive training program designed to prevent, eliminate, or significantly reduce problem behaviours such as anxiety, aggression, or just bad manners! In addition to basic obedience, Angie will introduce your dog to structure, boundaries, and a calm state of mind for a complete lifestyle overhaul that will ensure lasting harmony in the home once dog and owner are reunited. $1000 per week for a minimum of two weeks. 



home & pet care $40

The most difficult part of travelling is leaving your furry family behind. Our in-home dog sitting service gives you peace of mind by caring for your dogs (and other pets) in the comfort of their home or ours, keeping as close to their every day routines as possible, including feeding schedule, walks, administering medications, and snuggle time.

Housesitters will take care of household chores as well, such as mail collection, watering plants, and garbage duties. Angie is Dogsafe Canine First Aid certified, so in the rare event of an emergency your dog is in caring and capable hands. 

Basic manners and social skills are taught and reinforced during boarding, so you will return to a well behaved, stress free pooch!

Weekly rates available. 

dogsafe canine first aid $150

This comprehensive 8 hour course is designed to teach responsible dog owners and dog professionals the knowledge and skills to deal with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. A detailed course manual is also included.

Click here for course details.


Additional charges may apply for holiday services, challenging dogs, and multiple pets. 



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Dogsafe canine first aid

k9 cpr.jpg


This comprehensive 8-hour course is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills to deal with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. The topics are covered in-depth so that students have a thorough understanding of the principles of canine first aid. Since this is a very comprehensive course, we need your full attention and dogs do not come to class.

A 126 page DOGSAFE® training and reference manual is included in the course.

Upon successful completion of the hands-on practical and written test, you will be granted a frame-ready, 8 1/2″ x 11″ DOGSAFE® certificate.



Course Information

Length: 8 hours

Maximum: 12 students

Prerequisite: None

Minimum Age: 14 yrs/10 yrs if parent also enrolled

Registration Fee: $150 (tax included)

Locations: Vancouver Island, Bowen Island, Lower Mainland

More info/Other locations:


What to Expect in Class

Hands on practice using canine CPR mannequins, plush dogs, splints, bandages, and more!

Demonstration with a live dog

Open discussion/Q&A


A fun, safe learning environment

upcoming classes: 

Saturday February 3rd in Nanaimo - Class Full

TBA Spring 2018